My Tribute Page- feedback is welcomed

It’s my first draft of my Tribute Page. It took me a couple of hours to code it and I look forward to any feedback and well-intentioned criticism from my fellow FCCs. I must say it’s pretty simple but still I am proud of it. Thanks in advance!

Tribute to Steven Hawking

I like it and the responsiveness works nice.

Two things could be improved from my point of view (design related, so they’re a matter of taste anyway :wink: )

  • I would add some padding to the container, so especially on top the text is not so close to the border.

  • As it is said that 50 - 60 characters per line (including spaces) is the optimal amount for best readability I would think about putting the text into two columns (for example).

Deweis, your feedback is more than welcomed. I had also second thoughts for the length of the characters per line. I didn’t know about the proposed range though, I will fix it today. And the padding to the container as well .
Many thanks for your tips and suggestions.