My Tribute Page - Feedback Please!

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on my tribute page. Thanks!


Like it! Very informative and loved the various use of images. One thing I might say you could add is a media query at around 768px (tablet-size) to bring the row of three columns to 2 columns before dropping to one column at phone size? Also, you could expand the size of the well when the size scales down as there is a good bit of white space around the well at smaller sizes.

You can see the different device presentations if you use developer tools (f12 or settings in Chrome) and click the responsive button on the top left that looks like a tablet and phone.

Great job tho! Keep at it!

Thank you so much for your very helpful suggestions and comment.

Here is (hopefully) the improved version, do check it out, please!


Thanks again!