My tribute page feedback, plus some questions I am not very creative. Is it ok to sort of copy the example style? Will I still learn as much? And does it look bad to employers if they see I copied the example project? Also, I wanted to ask about the src for images. Is it safe to use pictures from random websites?, or should I download their picture, and maybe upload it to imgur and use that link instead. I also noticed that in the example tribute page, the developer used h3 tags for the headline (Here’s a time line of Dr. Borlaug’s life:) and for the footer ( If you have time, you should read more about this incredible human being on his Wikipedia entry.) Why didn’t he use h2 tags? I thought h2 tags would be correct here, no? Thanks for all of the help!

Greetings @ryanh,

You’ll learn the most by having fun while coding and trying to break what you’ve already coded. I wouldn’t use the tribute page project to present it to an employer, though. Instead, take what you’ve learned and create something you like!

About the image sources, it’s safer if you’re responsible for hosting the image. You don’t know if the website from which you’re getting the image will change its URL or go down. In those cases, your image will break and it will not be displayed in your site, I’d go with GitHub instead of Imgur.

About heading tags, H1 -> H2 -> H3… is the way to go.