My Tribute Page. Feedback wanted

It’s ready for critique. Thank you in advance!

Nice one. :+1::slight_smile:
(And shows good taste in music too… :wink:)

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I like your colors but some things for you to consider in regards to design is that it’s very busy and as a user I wouldn’t know if I should read or view so maybe they won’t do either and skip it. The other thing is that the font in the gray is very hard to read. I am looking at your page on an ipad. You might want to try a different color or a larger size or just a different font.

16px is the standard for readability on websites. It’s a very appropriate font but ift’s not being read is it appropriate? It fits very well in the header.

In regards to the header for “music” and “Bio” add some space below them, again just for readability and to create some space.

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Hi. I like your page, but since you asked for critique, and I’m somewhat pedantic, you’ll get some :stuck_out_tongue:

On my screen (15"), the content isn’t centred, which I’m assuming has to do with how you’ve built up your rows. I also noticed that you have a separate <div> for your empty columns, but you can actually use the offset function to achieve the same thing inside the <div> that comes under, where your col-md-4 is. It looks like this: col-md-offset-1 (or whatever size and number you need).

Anyway, when I shrink my screen, the youtube videos sort of hang alone to the left of the screen for a while, before eventually they fill the screen when the window gets narrow enough.

Other than that, it’s a tad bit “busy”, so you might want to create a bit more air around your content. Readability is fine on my laptop, but I can see what the poster above me means, as I reckon it could be harder on smaller screens.

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Thanks! I’m finishing up some changes.