My tribute page(first project)

Hi everyone this is my first ever project i made it a tribute page to my mum in law could anyone give a struggling starter any constructive critism would be much appreciated i really struggled the whole way through but stuck at it
many thanks
Lisatribute page project

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Hi @lisatinmurth !

Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on finishing your first tribute page :grinning:

It is completely normal to struggle when you are learning anything new.
When you keep practicing these concepts then working with html and css will be easier.

A few things.

In codepen, you do not need to include the doctype and html tags.
That is already built into codepen.

I don’t think you need to wrap your image in a link since it is not going anywhere.

I think you can improve the accessibility for the Funeral tribute page link.

I think the link name of Barbara Maureen Tinmurth’s funeral tribute might be better.

Giving links meaningful names was covered in this lesson.

It looks like you are misssing the end tag for this image div

 <div id="img-div">

When you are building projects, run your code through the html validator to check for errors.

It looks like you forgot to close of your css block

#tribute-link:visited {
  color: #AE00FB;

Codepen has a css validator to check for errors.

Hope that helps!

Hi @lisatinmurth, a great start and a touching tribute page, nice work!

Consider using padding: 0 1rem;on your h3 and a elements after the bullet list to bring them inline.

I would also suggest considering another media query around 1000px to reduce the h1 size as it’s a little over-powering as the width of the screen reduces.


Thank you so much for feedback will look into it x

thanks so much for the feedback will look into what you advised and sort it thank you for your time x

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