My Tribute Page for Codepen

So i recently started the lessons over again after a long break. so this is my 2nd attepmt at the tribute page challenge. Any tricks and tips and different layout design ideas would be great to hear. Because i wish i could be more creative with the layout depending on the max and min of the screen.

The music scared me. I did not expect it but that’s cool. Now I have to go and figure out how to do that.

I struggle with design as well. Maybe FCC could add that class in at some point.

lol sorry dont know how to mess with the volume yet. But i youtube and google everything and try to learn and make something myself out of it. thank you for checkin it out btw

I really like your tribute page - it brought an instant smile to my face - and that’s a good reaction :slight_smile: . The music is a great touch.

I think you did a good job of making the web page cute, just like Brian Wilson.

Thanks for taking a peek my friend. totally glad it made you smile .his story and his music has really opened me up to try to be creative. I listened to the Pet Sounds album 2 times while making the Page :sunglasses: