My Tribute Page for Edgar Allan Poe

Hello, everyone. I spent much more time than I would like to admit working on this and although I am sure lots could be changed to make it better, I am rather happy with what was accomplished since my knowledge of programming before now has been null. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

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Its good. Especially, the font used for his name at the top and the background colour. Actually, the whole page feels like some old, yellow news paper clipping.:grinning: Apart from this, the image and the quotation following it, can use some vertical spacing between them.

Thank you for the kind feedback. I’m glad you found the font and background colour enjoyable as I spent a lot of time jumping between fonts and ideas, finally deciding on what you see now. The idea was to have something that looked similar to parchment paper, or at least something with an old feel to it. I’ve gone back and amended the space between the image and the quote. I’m sure there might be a cleaner way to do that, but using br for a forced line break seemed to do the job well enough. Thanks again for the feedback and the helpful suggestion.