My Tribute Page for FreeCodeCamp Challenge

any feedback would be much appreciated :open_hands:

Cool, all in all it looks good.

One point…

[sigh] I don’t know why people always want to mess with the styling anchor links. That blue text with an underline is part of the language of the internet. It would be like if some city decide that its traffic lights configured in a triangle and that the colors would be white, purple, and blue. How do I know that that “NF” is a link? It looks exactly like the “Nathan John Feuerstein” that precedes it. One is a link and the other isn’t. True, I can tell it is a link by hovering, but am I expected to hover over every word on the page to find out what is a link? Personally, I feel that if you’re going to mess with link styling, you need to make it clear some other way that it is clickable, like by styling it as a button.

But all in all, it looks good. Have fun on the next project.


thanks a lot for ur feedback :grinning: , i will keep learning :facepunch:

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Hey @chriss-02!

Your page looks good. Don’t forget to include the test suite on your page. Right you are currently not passing one of the tests.

Hope that helps!

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omg, i forgot to run the test, thank you very much for reminding me, and also for ur feedback :grin:

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It looks good! I agree with what kevinSmith was saying about the links. Also I would put some margin at the very bottom and maybe a little more on the top of the page.

thank you very much :grinning:

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Welcome to the forums @chriss-02. Your page looks good. Some thing to revisit;

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thanks for the feedback :grin: , i just did a little change. is it better?

Please read the links @chriss-02.
“wikipedia” is not accessible either. For someone using a screen reader that only reads out the links on a page hearing “wikipedia” tells them nothing.

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how about now? or how about if i use <p>If you interested, you can read more about him on his <a>wikipedia entry</a></p> or can you give me some example? because i actually kinda confused :grin:. anyway thank you so much for ur feedback and for sharing ur knowledge, because its really means a lot, like its improving my skill and my knowledge. thank you

That is accessible now. Good job

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