My Tribute Page for Goethe

Hi everyone. I’ve finished my tribute page yesterday. I decide to try finish this kind of projects in one day, when i first started to freecodecamp. And I know this approach open to errors and bugs. But also I know that if you are just one person to deal with everything in a project and try to do best, you won’t be able to publish your project. Thus I always need critics and feedbacks. So please don’t hesitate to critic my works and give feedbacks about them.
Thank you to everyone in this awesome community!

This is my Tribute page for J. W. von Goethe: Tribute Page for Goethe

My to do list for this project:

  • Reduce the image size
  • Find a new good looking font )
  • Adjust the spacing between timeline parts
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I like it! I’m working on my tribute page project at the moment as well (doing a tribute to Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty)

I really like the table set up you have for the timeline, and your page seems to be completely responsive so that’s awesome

My only critique would be change the red font but thats minjor and just a personal preference.

Thank you for your feedback.
I’ve checked your project and especially the idea putting a cartoon figure at the end of the page looks nice to me. It’s a nice work, keep continue. Btw, I can do nothing about red because I want to use a nice contrast with grey and black, and also i like red :)) Thank you again. I really appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks for checking it out! totally still a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve made some changes since

happy coding !