My Tribute Page For my all time favourite "Iron Man" i bet its your`s too

I’ve Made my Tribute page for Tony Stark aka Iron Man
he is my favourite as you can see in my profile pic .

well here it goes if you can please give feedback whether to add/delete something.

Thanks in Advance

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

Congratulations on completing your first project! Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do not use <br> to force line spacing as it is an accessibility issue. Use the CSS instead.
  • “Here” is not a descriptive link. Consider something like “Tony Stark Wikipedia Article”.
  • Run your HTML through the W3 HTML Validator - you have a couple of errors to fix. Because CodePen only expects things for the <body> tags, you can ignore the first two errors on this validator.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for helping me!
i’ve fixed everything can you check again to see if i’ve fixed everything

Thanks in advance

Hi Zedgamer 9128,

I looked at your tribute page and everything looks fine except for the list and the block quote which are not centered. You’ve used text-align: center in the blockquote but the quote is wrapped in a paragraph tag and in there the text-align value is not center. I’d move that text-align property into the paragraph. I’ve been playing with the code and if you limit the width of the ul you can center the li elements better. You can also turn the ul into an ol and use text-align : center on the li elements. The rest is good. You’ve used semantic tags, you pass all the tests and your page is repsonsive. It’s a good start.