My Tribute Page for my dog Ginger

I am quite proud of myself for completing this project after working on it for three days straight. I designed it a little different then the original version so I hope that is okay. I did it on my dog that recently passed and now we have a puppy so I realize how great the last dog truly was haha. Our puppy is pyscho with lots of energy but she will get better with time and training. Anyhow here is the link if you want to check it out and give any feedback.


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Why does it show that box when everyone else’s shows a link??

Oh so sweet!! We just adopted our dog Lincoln from the shelter in Sept,so definitely tugged at my heartstrings reading this!! I like how did the hover effects on the timeline…didnt even know we could do that!

Only thing I notice is you are using the Roboto typeface, but dont have the Google font linked to your page.

Oh, and for the linking…if you put the link in line with your text, it will show up as a link… if you put it on its own line, it will show up in a box :slight_smile:

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@reginabfly Great work, as you go you will see that the original versions are just to help you get an idea of what they want but always feel free to make it your own.

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Thanks for the tips on the the font face and linking your pages. I appreciate you taking the time to look it over. I am doing some more online tutorials on Boostrap and then I am going to tackle the portfolio page. I didn’t think I could do this page so now I am psyched to keep learning and apply it to the next project here :slight_smile: Thanks again and Congrats on your new dog Lincoln!!!