My tribute page: Henrietta Lacks

Hi there. Here’s my stab at a tribute page - feel free to give me constructive comments, as I have a ton to learn!


Very interesting read! what I see is very clean and spot on to the assignment at hand! good work!

Thanks! I’m not entirely in control of some of the page elements…that button link at the bottom and some of the headers kind of got away from me. I’m struggling a little positionally with my portfolio page as I write this.

hey, hey!
I like your work. It is a good start! Keep going!

  • Adding more “white space” between text blocks is a good way to improve your tribute page.

Well done! I read the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks several years ago and really enjoyed it. Your tribute page to her is very nice.

Thanks for the advice. As soon as I read this, i thought “Of course that’s what I needed to do!”.

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I actually haven’t read it yet: I’ve been meaning to, but I’ve read a bit about the story from internet articles.