My Tribute Page-

Hey Fellow Campers,

Here’s the tribute page I designed. It’s pretty basic and bare bones, but any feedback and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Now I’m looking into the Personal Portfolio page. Any ideas for resources I could look into?

Red font is hard to read. A white font is more legible on a dark background. A grey or black font looks better on a light background.

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My first page was pretty basic & bare bones too. Brought me back to late 90s web… but, hey, you’re coding, right?

I do not really like native colors (this is what I call simple colors - red green blue purple).
Try to search for web color palettes that are harmonious.
They are quite easy to find.
but in learning, code is most important than colors :smiley: and you did it right, congratz

Thanks y’all. I’m kind of hitting a wall with my portfolio page. I can’t get any images into the background for it. This is what it looks like so far. Any tips?