My Tribute Page. I'd love some feedback

Here’s the link to my tribute to Nikola Tesla page: Nikola Tesla Tribute Page

I know it should have been easier, but I get visions of grandeur and then spend more time being overwhelmed than actually breaking down problems and coding. This is definitely what happened here, and thus, I kept skipping ahead and finding it easier to crank out the javascript algorithm section than to code my first basic project.

I think I spent more time researching “old timey” color schemes and fonts than actual coding. I originally I wanted to do a nav bar with a dropdown menu which would have the project page as a selection, and wanted the title of the dropdown to change to the page selected. I did figure out how to do that, but in the end, thought I’d save that for another page.

Bootstrap makes responsive image sizing really easy, but not as easy for text (as far as I could find). I started with media queries with three breakpoints (desktop, tablet, phone), but since I wanted to write some javascipt/jquery anyway, I ended up writing a little jquery to change the size of the h1 and h2 tags (titles) depending on the screen size. It seems to work well, but I’d love some feedback on using this method versus using media queries.

The other little touch I added was putting my avatar in the navbar and having my twitter handle popup if you hover over it or click on it in mobile. I figured this would be a good first step to a future menu system based on a logo or image.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, but I’ll be more happy to get lots of constructive criticism and feedback.




I particularly like your colour choices given the subject. Nothing to really criticize re the functionality of the site, but didn’t look at the code. Good work, time to move on to the next project!

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I really liked the choice of colors. Nice page!

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Thanks to all for the compliments. I think I’ll probably refactor it using media queries just for practice and possibly change the table layout of the timeline.

And onto the portfolio page!