My Tribute Page is Almost Finished but the photo doesn't work (Imgur)

There’s still a lot wrong with it, but it meets all of the test requirements. I have a few issues with it, though.

  • I want to align the photo and all of the text, except for the title (unless you recommend that), to the center of the page.

  • Depending on which background I stick with, I need to change the color of the text or wrap it in a white box.

  • The photo doesn’t work.

I think I can figure out the first two things on my own, but it mystifies me why the painting I uploaded to Imgur won’t work. Does anyone know why?

Also, remind me, how do I wrap text in a box separate from the background?

Codepen might have blocked images from imgur. Find alternatives on sites like unsplash.

OK, I got it working now.

Now all I want to do is center everything, but I’m not sure which way is the best way to approach it.