My tribute page is awaiting comments, thanks

It’s my first challenge.
Here is the link:

Any feedback appreciated.

It looks good. Nice job.

If I can put on my nitpickers hat…

I have a pet peeve about sharp corners. I would round the corners on the img and the textareas. It doesn’t have to be drastic, even a few px. To me, those sharp edges have a negative effect on an unconscious level.

I life the idea of the left (text) and right (highlights) sections. The only problem is that you have a conspicuously empty space to the right of the second text box. Maybe add a timeline? some more photos? Expand that textarea?

And I’m not sure if I like textarea being used like this, from a UX standpoint. It seems cold somehow, but maybe that’s just me.

And just as an editor, I wouldn’t use “Who is she?” since she’s no longer with us, I’d use the past tense, as the text does.

The code looks pretty clean I found the line <div><br></div> a little odd. I would either have a few breaks or better yet put some css top and bottom margins to the parag class.

But still, it looks great. I like a lot of your choices. The sidebar is very well executed and looks top notch. A lot of slick design choices.

Thank you very much for your comment. It was so nice to read it. Because it’s my first project/challenge so I didn’t expect such a nice feedback.
I wanted to try a lot, but I knew from the beginning that using
was a bad idea.
I wanted to check how to place a lot of text on a small area so I used textarea. But I can agree with everything you pointed out.
Thanks a lot!

That’s cool. Just as a little pointer - it looks like you tried to include an html tag in your text., but it doesn’t show up because it gets interpreted. For inline code, you can surround with back ticks (upper left, below ESC) so it will show. If you have huge blocks of code, precede and follow it with a line of three back ticks.

Life I said, it looks great. And thank you for taking my constructive criticism in the spirit with which it was offered. It’s a great first project. And what you did with the sidebar was really nice.

Keep at it.

Thanks very much! I love reading your comments :slight_smile:
And yes, I mention about <br> tag in my previews comment.
It looks like I need to start using Bootstrap properly. I think I can make smarter and more professional :wink: pages with it.

Yes, Bootstrap is a powerful tool. There will be many frameworks and libraries you will need to learn. Bootstrap is a good place to start. Yes, it can be helpful and make sleek, responsive layouts. But be forewarned - it can be frustrating. But keep at it and you’ll get it.