My Tribute Page is Finished and in Spanish

Hi everybody!!!
I’ve just finished my tribute page of Bobby Fischer. The thing is that I have written it in pure spanish.
I would be very appreciated if anyone could give me some feedback.

Thank you all!!!

Hi! I think this looks great!! I don’t speak or understand Spanish, so I’m looking at the graphic design mostly. I like the simplicity of it, and this just depends on who you are. I would personally add an outside font, something a bit different, maybe fancier, or just more of a unique font for the title (Bobby Fischer), and maybe other key things, like the quote, or the other “titles”. But like I said, this all depends on you! Love the layout and the boxes you put all your text in.

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Wawwww thanks a lot!!!

Hi :slight_smile:

Codepen CSS linter:

Error at line 5, 27, 37:

float: center; 

Expected (left | right | none | inherit) but found ‘center’.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot erretres.
I have just changed it and make some more performance with the fonts.

Looks really good! Happy coding :blush: