My Tribute Page is ready?

Please am true with the tribute page project, although have submitted but still think of getting some corrections from the community.Thanks a lot!
This the Tribute Page

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Hello (^0^)ノ
Oh! a Whitney Huston Tribute, nice!
As usual, I am more sensitive to vibes than technical stuff ! And I like it, it’s beautiful, it’s classy, it’s very Whitney! I specially like the card like information div with a lighter background on black.

You might also want to have a look at these details:

  • #headline div need more space at the bottom, as the text looks very close to the paragraph.

  • I am not sure, maybe someone can confirm this but, since headline is found several times, shouldn’t the convention be that it is class and not an id ?

  • line 12, your class is empty…???

  • The background color of your id#main is overlapping the bottom of the photo, you could remove the background color maybe?

You might want to wait for more experienced people to comment but to make sure that I finsihed the technical requirement parts, I used the testing: <script src=""></script>

That’s all for me,
Have a nice week end!

Thanks carquet, i will make the changes ASAP.