My Tribute page is up, please review!

I did my tribute page on Marvin Minsky. I’d like any suggestions that would make it better or a review of the code in case I included redundancies. Thanks!

Marvin Minsky Tribute


Great subject. I read it all, very interesting.

A good job I think but a couple of issues you can solve regarding responsiveness.

If you add the following rule to your css, any images in your website will flex with their container, rather than overflow it.

max-width: 100%;

Also, you could do with allowing the central column to be wider on smaller screens. It’s ok to fill the entire mobile screen’s width with text (a small margin or padding is all that’s required) as they are small so we should use it all up.



I should add, although it hardly matters for this exercise, I think your background pulls focus from the content. You could perhaps add some opacity to it in CSS?

I appreciate the advice on responsiveness and now have it fixed. How can I adjust the opaqueness?


It’s not quite as easy on a background image as it is usually. There are a couple of methods though but it involves messing around, I can give you the stackover flow links if you want but I don’t think its so important.

Anyway, usually you would apply the following simple rule, but it will apply it to the whole div if your using a background image. - I hadn’t thought of that when mentioned it earlier.

 .myclass {
    opacity: .1;     //.1 to 1