My Tribute Page - James Bond

I would appreciate some feedback. The list looks more OK when the page is in full page view. I had some trouble with this, not sure why. It looked fine in Sublime, then different when I transferred it in code pen. What do you think? What is OK/OKish, what could be made better, etc?

Thank you!

Great subject and lots of info!
I like the black background and the structure.

Here are a few suggestions that might make it shine even more.

  • Include an <html> tag under the <!doctype html> and enclose all of your code.
  • Remove the <br> tag after each <li>...</li> Create your spacing using CSS (try line-height: 1.8em; on the li element)
  • I’d compact and center the bullet list - try reducing the width to like 40% and then adding margin: 0 auto to center the whole thing.
  • Move your <script>...</script> to the bottom just inside the closing </body>. If it has to be at the top - make sure it’s inside the <head> section.

Overall - great job!


James bond is awesome.
I would shift the text more to the left, it kind of trails off screen to the right.
Increase the font size a bit too for better readability.
A picture with color instead of black and white would make it better to look at might I suggest this one

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wrong font
also how dare you make a jb page without the gun point and the iconic 007
shame shame onto u