My Tribute Page - Kurt Cobain

Hi All,
How is it going? Please give me feedback on my tribute page. That was an awesome learning experience and I’ve really tried hard to make it look decent.
Any advice would be great, thanks!

Live Demo



Its not bad how did u make the little stripe menu im intressted into that part of your code ?

Thanks for your feedback. The little stripe icon (aka hamburger) and all the other icons are coming from IonIcons. Have a look they’re pretty neat!
Regarding the code for the menu itself, you can check out the GitHub repo. In the src folder there’s a js/module directory and the code for the menu is in menu.js.
I’m planning to make a pen out of it.

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You can also make your own like this



		border-bottom:4px solid #000;
		margin-top: 5px;



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I think your page is fantastic. I am a fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. I found the layout very eye appealing. The contrast and transitions are fantastic. One day I will manage to figure out all that. Since you seem to have this media query thing down. I am truly having an issue coding mine to make it appealing on a mobile phone…I did a message if anyone could code it to show me an example. I watched video’s and cannot seem to grasp it. I am not sure if I made it difficult when I coded my Survey. I am new so this one has me stumped. Thanks again and keep coding. Looking forward to seeing more from you!!

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Hi Cammy, many thanks for your feedback.
check out this tutorial on youtube on responsive design here.
This guy is amazing and I often refer to his videos when I get stuck or confused.
I hope it helps!

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I love the net Ninja. I did watch his. I think I am just having a mental block on something I shouldn’t. I have his Coursera class also. I hope your day is good to you!!

I love your tribute page :heart_eyes:, especially:

  • the color palette is vibrant without being gaudy
  • the design is fresh and modern
  • the code is very readable, tidy and clean
  • the responsive design is very well achieved
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Hi Marta,
thanks for your feedback. I really tried hard to do it properly and it was worth the time I’ve spent on it as I’ve learnt a lot of tricks.
Looking forward to see your next projects!

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Wow, great job and a beautiful design! I like it)

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