My Tribute Page - Looking for Feedback :)

Hey guys,

First forum post here!!

After 2 weeks of learning I have recently completed my first project: A tribute page dedicated to the unsung hero Adolfo Kaminsky. (He has a really cool story).

I’m putting it out there for a peer review and would love to get some feedback/suggestions from anybody who has the time:

I, like man others out there, have decided to pursue a career change after bouncing between jobs that don’t satisfy me.

Hopefully I am on course to change jobs in the next 6 - 12 months.

I appreciate any help that can be offered.



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It looks great to me. I haven’t looked in the code (what I usually like doing), but the page is quite impressive. I’ve done mine some time ago and I would change a lot now, but in comparison yours looks a lot more professional.
Great job!

Good day to you, S-Baxendale.

I quite enjoy your Tribute page, it is a nice summary of this great individual and demonstrates a good understanding of HTML and CSS at its core.
A few changes I might suggest:

  • White text over Black & White images is a bad design choice (read: hard to read)
    I see that the hover makes a transparent grey overlay, however without the hover it is hard to read.
  • Try working with the Google Fonts API Found Here

Overall, great job! The only option is up from here!!