My Tribute Page Mother Teresa

I finally finished my tribute page. I got a bit held up with the responsive image requirement but finally figured it out. I learned a lot, and there is much more to learn:) Here is my page. Feedback appreciated!!

Good job, it looks pretty good.

  1. The contrast between the background and the text is too low. Make sure people can read it, even if their eyesight isn’t great.

  2. You should limit the length of paragraphs to around 80/90 characters per line. Otherwise, the text gets hard to read. You can give a max-width and margin auto to the paragraphs or their container.

  3. I would increase the font size on the unordered list a bit.

Again, nice job.

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Thank you! I was having issues with contrast on the text. At times it seemed a bit much than not enough. I have to remember even though I may be light-sensitive others are not. I will fuss with contrast a bit more on it. Have a good night!