My Tribute page - Muhammad Ali

This is my tribute page to Muhammad Ali. Comments and Feedback are welcome.

See the Pen LkKjxk by DAVID ROLON (@DAVAND88) on CodePen.


I like the “punch” the page has :slight_smile: Really nice seeing those pics n color. My one critique,purely from the look of the page, is that the captions to the images can be tighter and not so splashed over the page line your caption up underneath the photos so it forms a neat “box”. Also each image and caption might be more definitively separated. otherwise. Nice!

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Looks great! I like the pictures, and layout. Your title, “Muhammad Ali The man who shook up the world” aren’t showing up centered. I don’t know if this was on purpose or not. Also, the big picture right underneath your title has a margin on the left, but none on the right. This may have been on purpose as well. If so, it looks amazing, love the twist on a classic tribute page

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me too made a tribute page on him…but mine is very simple…