My Tribute Page: Open for feedbacks

Tell us what’s happening:

please i want you guys to take a look at my project, It’s still really basic :

I want comments, feedback, best practices and how i can better improve it.
please i want your reply and comments, thanks in advance.

Make a navbar on top with links:
3.Contact form

Use a different font for the texts in bullets
Change the bullets to a cool favicon!
Hope i helped ya.
It’s only advice , but you’r website is unique
P.s:Try facebook’s commenter to add comments!
You can get a lot of traffic and comments if you upload this!

@fusiuneer was that comment for me?
if it was thanks a lot. and pls i don’t get the facebook commenter part.

Great tribute page!

I liked the “Character is a VICTORY” quote.

For best practices feedback:

  • CSS formatting consistency could be improved by outdenting the h2 rule by one character so that it is aligned with all the other rules.
  • The h3 rule is empty. Was that intentional?
  • The H1 tag in HTML has style="text-center" but I don’t think text-center is a valid value. I think the value of the style attribute should be inline CSS rules

Happy coding!

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@dave.halifax thanks a lot, will make changes