My tribute page - Piero Piccioni

Hey FCC! I’ve recently completed my tribute page. I made it dedicated to the Italian artist Piero Piccioni. Have a look at my tribute page here:

Also, take some time to listen to his music. He’s a really exceptional artist:

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Really good content. The feedback I can give is maybe give some padding on the image above bio and also there is a broken image link at bottom of the page above the end. (It is broken for me a least)

I love Piccioni! Nice work!

Nice work, man! Looks great. Did you use bootstrap for the blue header? Nice touch

I never gave any thought to using padding. Thanks for the advice. Will remember to use them next time.

I also fixed the links, but they only work if you ctrl+click them. Weird stuff.

Yeah, I actually used bootstrap. It was supposed to be a small button in the middle, but I couldn’t get it to be a small block.

:slight_smile: Glad you liked it.

Sorry for the late replies though.