My Tribute Page - Please share your feedback

Hi FCCers! I’d love to get your feedback on my tribute page. It’s rather plain, but I 'm getting overwhelmed with design ideas as I see the submissions of those who are more creative than I am. Thanks in advance for your time!
A Tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson

I think that’s awesome. The layout is so clean and easy on the eyes. It may be plain, but it’s definitely well done. Also, it shows his full discography, which is always stunning to see.

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback!

Looks great! :rose: I :heart: it…

Very good work!!! Very clean, very clear, really nice.But JS is not working, I think you forgot to add JQuery library.

Its really well done :slight_smile: One suggestion I have is you could add target="_blank" in your Learn More as this would open the wiki page in a new tab.

Thanks! This a great idea - I’ll definitely update it. I appreciate your feedback.

I did forget to add the library. Thanks for this!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Very nicely done. I like it.

Nice job, but on mobile is not a circle.
It’s not looks good, you can improve it:
For the mobile part make a bigger font
You can add a class bootstrap 'img-circle and the same width and height, to keep a circle on your picture, look at the Bootstrap documentation for more details.

Thank you!! I will make these updates - I appreciate your suggestions! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reviewing! :slight_smile: