My Tribute Page - Project Feedback

I’m finally done my Tribute Page. Any and all feedback is welcome. Feel free to share any tips or expertise that you may have! Thanks :slight_smile: #FreeCodeCamp

Tribute Page

Yusuf Mohamed.


Great work! I like how you made the top and bottom pics football-shaped. The only criticism I have is the width of your second pic and the grey-background div under it aren’t the same. That’s an easy fix though. You’ve inspired me to work on mine some more cause it’s lookin’ kinda rough compared to yours. :slight_smile: Keep coding!

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I really like your page. I have a few tips to add, but overall, good job!

  • I really like square images. It’s just a personal opinion
  • You wells could use a little padding. The text is right up next to the border.
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