My Tribute Page Project - Some Feedback Folks

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Feedback on Tribute Page Project

KIndly check on my project for the first assignmetn. I will be grateful for your feedback.


hi bmutebi

this is awesome


Thank you so much @jaspal1983

Hi. Can you please tell me how to add logo buttons to other social media sites?

@newbiewebdeveloper I used font awesome dear. You can get it from this link… You’ll need to first reference their link in the head section of your html page… Then you look for any icon you need. You’ll be given a code for each icon which you copy and paste wherever you want it to appear. Thank you


Thanks. That was helpful

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Very nice to hear this from you dear.

Great job! It reminded me to Copyright my page! Thank you!
Feedback on mine welcomed.

Hello @Jerami,

Thank you for the feedback dear. Great work for your tribute page… Looks simple and nice… I like the box-shadow effect though I wish the headings had the same padding with the section bodies from the left… Would have been better. Just an opinion.

Please help me look at this funny survey page of mine… Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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Thank you for the feedback! I like the survey page. Simple and functional. That’s all you need.
I fixed the padding on my h2 headings to indent a bit further. Look better?

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Thank you so much dear… The tribute page is now more beautiful than the previous…

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Your page looks really nice! I can tell that you were already thinking in the future if you were to make this a deployed web page by your circle buttons under the heading’s picture. Your code is also really clean and semantic too. Big props. This would be a great continued project if you were to expand on it.

I suppose the only thing that could make it better is to take away the text decoration on the links and maybe put your own color on them that flows with the page’s theme and color scheme already. You could add some transition on the hover color change on those circle buttons to make the color switch smoother/even more professional.

Overall though, you did a great job! :+1: :ok_hand:


Wow… Thank you so much for this energizing feedback. Thank you so much @pleeseno… I am going to work on it ASAP and will continuously improve it in future… …

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No problem, I think your page is really well made. I’d really like to see how you do for the landing page and personal portfolio projects

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I’m working on the landing… I’ll publish the link soon… You can kindly help me check out on my survey form here Thank you for your time.

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Hello bmutebi :smiley:

Overall it’s a great page. I do have some suggestions:

  • I’d align the height of the photo and the dark container to match
  • I’d change the social link colours to a colour other than white. All your text above is white, so those links seems to be text (Also, on the biography section, your links are blue with an underline, try to make them more uniform). If you want to preserve the white colour, I suggest adding a border around so it looks like a button. You can also add an :hover effect.
  • On the Contributions section, I’d centre vertically those elements.
  • On the footer section, I’d remove the “FCC Assignment”. Also the “|” at the end as well.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @alexiorodrigues. I’m going to work on all the comments at once. Thank you greatly…

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WOW! You guys are awesome. Now I feel like going back to the drawing board.
I love what you’'re making

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Haha… Thank you dear… You’re also awesome… Kindly check out my survey project here Thank you for your time

Looks really good, man!! Clean and crisp!