My tribute-page-project

Hello guys this is my very first project, give me suggestion, I would appreciate any type of feedback and pointers, Thanks!

Here you go

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Looks good. Even the test gives u 10/10 !

Well done. :wink:

Have a look yourself!

@Navid That what I said! In my opinion, its looks good!

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Looks good!

Somethings I notice:

  1. The purple border in the purple background: purplinception. jaja maybe try another color you can use or other pallets to experiment.

  2. Like how you style the links with the orange, I have a problem and it is that I hate to stand out links, but the constrast with the blue are killing my eyes. Maybe stick to one style for links

  3. You can add the title, subtitle and image to a hero element and put the height to 100 the viewport.

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This type of feedback I’m looking for, thank you @skayablars . Learned many thing specially the color fact.(Yeah style of the links, it’s funny :smile: ) I don’t have this idea before? Can you help me with setting up a hero element there ?

Sure, I’m going to give you the guidelines if you have any trouble let me know.

A hero element on CSS is an element that occupies grant part of the browser viewable area if not all of it. So only when the user scrolls down he/she can see the other content. It’s more used on landing pages to make emphasis in one section that usually contains a CTA (Call to action, the button that will do the most important action in the active page).

Put all the elements that you want to be displayed in a hero div, Set the height to 100% of the viewport and center the content.

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