My Tribute page project!

Hello so i completed the first project. :slightly_smiling_face:

here is the link -

i woud like to get some feedback to learn something new! :nerd_face:

The site is amazing. I’ve got some feedbacks for you, which can help though -

  • Make the image on the landing page a little smaller
  • Add some more content to the site
  • Add a navbar to navigate on the site (after adding some content)

Hope that helps

Thank you very much,

i was thinking about a navbar but i thought it was overkill on a page this small. :joy:
So indeed after adding some more content i’m going to add it.

Yup, have fun building the site


Nice work :+1:, love the car animation.

I think the top header needs to use a slightly larger font and a bit of top padding for both headers wouldn’t go amiss.
Looks like you switched the links for your social media icons (git link on the Insta icon and vice versa).
Apart from that looks good to me :clap: