My Tribute page - Responsive web design project


I’ve build the tribute page for the challenge.

I’d be happy if you could watch it and tell me if you see some ways of improvement - beside the subject itself x)

Thank you so much !

Yeah, it’s cool and amazingly done! like Oreo too
Things to change/improve -

  • I can scroll your site horizontally. I think you didn’t address this use the code below, put it under ‘body’ in CSS.
overflow-x: none;

Nice page. Zippy’s suggestion above is a good one. I also noticed when the browser is reduced below 800 the alignment of the photos is off. And when the browser is below 450 the headings and navbar also become misaligned. Both of these can be fixed with @media though.

Overall nice work.

Hello !
Thank you so much for your reviews and advice. I’ve done the corrections (I forgot to put the media queries for smaller screens).