My Tribute Page (Robin Williams)

Tribute Project

Kind of slacked on the info I put into the dates, but overall proud of the way it turned out visually.

More-so looking for comments on the code, anything you would do differently?

Looks nice :slight_smile:

My suggestions:

font-family: Scope One; it is recommended to put quotes around font names if they aren’t one word. Also you should add fallback font (e.g sans-serif).

And maybe you can add some @media queries to get rid of body margin-top on mobile.

Protip: you don’t need <head> and <body> tags in codepen. You can move your <link> with custom fonts into “Settings” -> HTML -> "stuff for <head>"

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Could you maybe give me an example of the @media query you would add?

Do these typically go at the bottom of the CSS file?

I usually do something like this (add it to the end):

@media (min-resolution: 1.1dppx) {
  body {
    margin-top: 5px;

Read about resolution.

I’m no big expert in CSS, but I tried using @media queries both in elements and at the end of the file and they work fine.