My Tribute Page(s) / Cartoons need tributes too

Hey everyone, just got going with CodeCamp and did the Tribute Page…

Created it as close to the original as possible here:

And THEN noticed others were changing it to other people entirely…

So I made a tribute to Homer Simpson here:

Be happy to get some feedback, etc…just wanted to share.

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Very funny. One thing I do not like is the offset of Homer’s text right before the timeline. It is greatly shifted to the left instead of centered.

Oops… I have a large feature image there, but it looks like the way codepen handled imgur embeds, you had to be logged into codepen to see my large image. Just swapped the main image out so it looks like it actually did when I made it.

Also, the hover animations weren’t working properly for some reason but are now.

Thanks for noticing that.

:+1: much better than before. Great work.

Very good, Nice work.