My Tribute Page - Samuel E

help give feedback please

Good try! I have few suggestions.

  • Give some space between the picture and its description text.
  • Your overall fontsize is too small. Increase it.
  • Hovering on HERE increases its font size too big which is not an ideal UI experience. I would just change its color.
  • Actually, you can all together remove ‘when you click here’ text and make Dr.Azikiwa text a link.
  • You have horizontal scrollbar meaning that you probably have fixed width somewhere. Remove it.

Good luck :+1:

Noted Phil
And I really appreciate all your suggestions and I’ll work on them
Don’t you have anything to say about the color??? I’ll really appreciate.
GOD bless you

Color looks good! I like the gradient :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil
I made my survey form also from scratch

Any words???

I would create another post for your feedback on survey page so that others can engage :slight_smile:

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Thanks Phil
I wait on that