My Tribute Page - Simple non-reposive

My first attempt at building a page, have not been doing coding for a long and wanted to make something simple and easy. Let me know what you think.

Hey, it looks pretty good.

On coding…

You have some duplicate ids. But ids must be unique.

In places like this, where you’re formatting text:

       Herod the Great reigned 37BCE - 4BCE, son of the influential figure known as Antipater he was born during a time of instability in  Judaea.<br><br>     
       Life: 72 BCE, Edom - 4 BCE, Jericho
       Rule: 37 BCE - 4 BCE

You should be using something like a p element to group and format those, not <br>. You can apply CSS if the p doesn’t give you the look you want.

Images should always have an alt attribute, for accessibility.

And this:

  border-style: solid;
  border-color: black;

should probably be simplified to:

  border: 3px solid black;

As to design, it looks pretty good.

I know you said it’s “non-responsive”, but when I narrow the window, the text puts itself below the image (good) but they are justified on opposite sides so it looks weird (bad). I mean, the section is called “Responsive Web Design”.

But, all in all, good job. Have fun on the survey form.

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