My Tribute Page *sorry for the depressing topic*

Could not figure out how to make this page with only Bootstrap; hence, I had to use CSS as well.

When I begin my portfolio page project, I plan to use almost primarily Bootstrap, if possible.

The Crisis in Yemen

Great job, I’m on my phone right now and it looks great! Good job on the responsiveness. And have no worries, you’re supposed to use your own CSS styles.

I guess it is totally OK to use CSS in this project. Otherwise it is hard to make the page visually pleasing.(I myself used 6 CSS to style my page

Things you can Improve:

  1. Its better if you can use a soft background color. ( Will increase the readability)
  2. Its better if you can reduce the font size of the final line.

Link is working fine and the page is mobile responsive.
Keep up the good work. Cheers!