My Tribute Page - Taking Feedback!

So I completed the tribute page challenge - while I am content with my result I’m still not 100% so I decided to post it here for some constructive feedback. My biggest hurdle with this was making it responsive. I’m self taught in a lot of html/css so there are a lot of pretty things I could’ve done that would have looked a mess on any other screen, but I tried hard to make the page fit any device so I can have this habit from here on out.

Here is the page, I made it for Lupita Nyong’o, a favorite actress of mine right now. As you can see, I tried to keep things relatively simple, but I also couldn’t resist some fun with color. I welcome any suggestions that could improve it!

Hey! looks really good. I love how the background colors of the text match the colors in the landing image.

One suggestion I do have though is to find a way to separate the bullet points as it kind of reads like one big paragraph instead of bullet points which I believe is its intention. even just some space between them would be good, or something more creative.

all and all though its well done!