My Tribute Page to Grace Hopper

Hi All,

Here is my attempt at a tribute page. I’d really appreciate feedback.

Grace Hopper Tribute

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Your tribute page looks really nice, and on a fascinating woman. And you’ve incorporated some extra techniques that’ll be needed in your portfolio project, so bravo.

I would suggest possibly increasing the font size some on your nav bar. Also, on mobile, your nav menu runs down past your h1, so you may want to either give a larger top margin to allow for that or collapse your menu on small screens.

Nice work! :relaxed:

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Look’s beautiful. Your going to breeze through the profile challenge if your tribute page is that good.

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Thank you for your feedback! I did notice the issue with my navbar on mobile. As a newbie, I just wasn’t sure what to do about it. Many thanks for the advice. I’ll fiddle around with it to try and fix it.

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Thank you! As a newbie, I’m nervous about trying to learn something new later on in life, lol.

Great page! Color scheme is clean and coherent, the navbar is a great touch, and of course a wonderful subject! I’m definitely going to have to poach some of this code for my tribute page lol!