My tribute page to Idaho Innocence Project

Hello, here’s my attempt at the tribute page challenge. Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated. Thanks!

Forgot the link! Sorry!

Hey vflanagan!

Well done on your project. Clean and simple.

I want to ask you though, if you intentionally arrange the header image and the title at the left of the page. Cause, they are aligned left, except if you are using a small screen device and end up taking all the space and centered accordingly.

Keep coding and have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for reviewing. Clean and simple was exactly what I was going for. In answer to your question, yes, I did align them to the left. I shouldn’t do that?

You should do whatever you like, you are the developer :slight_smile:

Most beginners have trouble positioning things, and I was asking in case you need some help.

Again, well done and keep coding! :slight_smile: