My Tribute Page, to my wife!

Hi`` guys!
This is my tribute page to my wife Tiana.

Here it is!

I’d appreciate ALL feedback
Thanks for your time!


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Aww dude! That’s sweet buddy.

I can’t criticise that at all …

OK, maybe just a change in text and background colour to make the message stand out more? …

But dude!!! So nice :blush:

Haha, thank you!
And any colors in mind??
I was trying to stick to her favorite colors with the teal and pink??
I appreciate your time bud, thanks again!

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Grey text on black background really doesn’t work.

Try maybe having a flower covered background ? Or a bed of roses? Petals?

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This is a great tribute. You may wish to create the timeline: When did you meet? When were you married? Any children - what year were they born? Did she do something that you are proud of - start a new job, finish school, start a new business? If so, add it to her timeline.If she was noted publicly - newspaper article, etc. then link to that article.

As for colors, consider making both circle borders the same color, then use the other color as background. Perhaps wrap her in pink with the background teal - the flower will stand out.If the text needs to go lighter, then perhaps a soft pink text against a dark teal background, or even just white text.

These are just suggestions, but I hope they help.

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Not a problem sir, as long as it’s a good contrast then that’s cool. You can find quality contrasts all over the web. Keep at it!

Holy thats alot of help!! Im getting down to business, thanks for your suggestions! I suppose it is a little “plain jane” isnt it??

Awesome idea, thanks!!

Not at all. I’m just remembering what I went through in trying to get all of user stories (including the timeline) to work. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great tribute, and I like the fact that you are using her favorite flower and colors.

Remember to view your work as a user would look at it. It makes it a little easier.

Mine is much more simple, but I think it’s the best challenge I’ve met so far…

Now my husband will want me to tribute him… so I’m not telling him…

Happy Coding!