My Tribute Page to RuPaul

I made a very simple tribute page as my first project. I literally just started learning 2 days ago. Please give me some feedback.

Also, the next project on FCC is making a portfolio page? I looked at the example page’s code and it seems to have a lot of stuff that hasn’t been taught in the lessons yet. Should I skip it and learn more and come back to it? Or reverse engineer the code that’s there? I want to make sure I’m learning it the best way possible.

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Neither. You should do it yourself. From this point on, every project will require you to look further beyond what is taught by FCC.

  • FCC can’t teach you everythig
  • Projects are built out of your personal interests and judgments. You have to decide what it is going to do and look like and you have to decide how you want to achieve those goals.
  • Learning how to investigate and research independently is the most important skill that a developer must have.

Keep going! Go at your own pace & do your best. Remember you have a whole community of support. Google is great too! You’ll get there.