My Tribute Page To Victor E. Frankl

Hello everyone,

Here it is!

Feedback is welcome! I tried to make this decent as opposed to perfect, because I’m sure I could spend a long time trying to improve it. I became a little lazy and didn’t wish to actually fill in all the space for content, so kitty ipsum will have to do.

I appreciate you taking the time to have a peek.

Thank you!

I love the whole feeling of your tribute page. You’ve done a great job with fonts and color accents. It looks really pleasant to eyes, no doubt. However, when I open this page in the mobile view, the <div id="header"> block gets shifted to the right side.

On the iPad screen in the vertical view it looks like this:

And on 5.2" mobile screens it even disappears at all:

Oh no! :frowning:

Why might this be the case? Hmm… back to the drawing board…

Is it fixed for you now? I believe I corrected it.

Good job! Now it looks fine :slight_smile:

AH! Thank you, Vitalik! I appreciate your feedback.