My Tribute Page to Yardbird

I created a little tribute page to Charlie Parker. Yardbird Tribute. Please take a look and comment. I think it fulfills the requirements of the Tribute Page challenge. Do you feel anything is missing?

Also, I had problems with the image. I couldn’t find any pictures of the saxophonist. I found a few in commons but didn’t know how to best give credits to where I got it from.


Looks good, that picture needs to be centered. There’s an option to analyze your code on codepen if you hit the little arrow at the top right of each section. It doesn’t like the background color.

Thank you. I’ll see what I can do about that.
Is there a better way to center blocks? I am currently using the row class and playing around with block size and offset. --guide for css, bootstrap class=“text-center” i think should center it