My Tribute Page - Tribute to Dogs Feedback Appreciated

Hi Everybody,

I build my Tribute Page and my first page ever after just learning so much stuff it made me confused after a while.

Tribute to Dogs

So put together what I’ve already learned and what I liked much.

I felt at the end I messed up my CSS code a little bit due to all the details to make the site look nice at the end.

Critics and Feedback heartly welcome!
Thanks in advanced Campers.

Happy Coding!

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Really nice tribute page. I like the responsive layout, it looks like you put some thought into it.

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Thank you. Yes I chose a Mobile-First approach and I used Flex Boxes.

I couldnt find out how to also share the code here, it was my first time on Code Pen. Do I just copy paste the URL where I coded it?

I hope you understand what I mean , Englsh is not my first language.

Really nice page. Looks good.

The only thing I would change is the title of your saved pen. It still says “Fork Me…” you should change the title to your title, like “A tribute to dogs” or something like that.

Hope that makes sense.


You did it correctly. We can click on the view button to see the code.

I don’t think you messed up the CSS at all. It’s a great site.

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I really like your page. I think the only thing you should change is h2 margin-bottom and .btn margin-top that have too high values and on mobile it pushes down your learn everything btn over the img-div.

Here what i mean:

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Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Thank you sorinr , I just fixed it.

Looks better now at really small sizes, you are right.

You are very welcome. I think, also reducing your margin-top in class .btn from 3rems to 1.5rems will make it look even better. Happy coding and looking forward to see your new projects. :+1:

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Hi Ashanti :wink:

I like :wink:
Good job :wink: it’s clear, good choice of colors and it’s responsive.
But there is problem (according to me), when the resolution is under 1024px : the image resizes abnormally and his title is mingled with the background-color.

Hey there, I have built project Tribune Page on but don’t know how to test it. Please tell me how do i test it ???

Hi @QasimAslam,

Probably you’ve forked wrong pen.
copy this script:

<script src=""></script>

at the beginning of your html and you should be good

Hi Turwaithion,
thanks for that hint, I didn’t see that before in my browser. So I made some changes for the whole Image caption to maintain readability of it at small sizes.

Thank you for having a look :slight_smile:

new version

Do I actually have to send a new Link or can youguys see the new version by just clicking the very first link I provided above?


Thanks a lot Tirjasdyn :smiley: :smiley:


I really like your page. Smooth and transitions well between vp sizes. Format is well done and shows a good grasp of the info. Keep at it.

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Hi Ashanti :wink:

It’s good now, well done :wink:
The first link do the job, don’t worry :wink:

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:grinning: Thank you for your feedback!

Just wanted to say that I really like your tribute page. I love the landing page that leads to all the other info.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I like yours too. I love Nina Simone :slight_smile:Have a great week