My Tribute Page - Tribute to Fred Rogers

My Tribute Page - Tribute to Fred Rogers
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Hello Everyone!

Here is my first project. If y’all wouldn’t mind looking it over and giving me your feedback, I would really appreciate it!



Great job! The only thing I would change is to add col-sm-12 and col-lg-12 to make your page more responsive. When I viewed this on my phone, the pictures stretched outside of the width of my phone.


When I look at your tribute on a smaller screen it looks great. However, when I first looked at it, I was using a 24" monitor and this is what I saw in the middle of your page:

I spent a few minutes looking at your code and found that it needed div class=“row” added to the image. That corrected the problem.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll add that in.


Thank you so much for finding that! I’ll get it added in and make sure to watch out for things like that in the future.