My Tribute Page... would appreciate any feedback

Here’s my page! I definitely need some work on it, I’m having trouble making it more complex and fancy… it was hard for me to even get the basics down on this one. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it look nicer i’d really appreciate it.
Also, this project made me feel pretty discouraged as it was hard for me to even get some basic stuff into my code, did anyone else feel this way?


Sabrina, don't be too hard on yourself, especially if it's just your first project. New techniques will come to you over time. I was having some difficulty getting things to work with Bootstrap the way I wanted them to, and I had to use !important overrides to get my font choices to work, though that was likely to kill off any reactive design built into Bootstrap.

That being said, I'm feeling like the page could use some background color, particularly given Ms. Yousafzai's colorful hijab. I'm not a huge fan of Times New Roman as a font, but that may just be my personal preference. Google Fonts is a great option for alternatives. Also, a good free tool for helping to make color choices is Adobe Color CC.

Keep pushing forward!