My tribute page

Hi everyone,

Here’s my first shot at a Tribute Page. Comments would be much appreciated :slight_smile:.

Not bad for a first try! Keep finding ways improve it! :slight_smile:

Really liked the bouncing basketballs. Nice touch! Just a couple of visual suggestions. Having all of the clients listed in bold is a bit much visually,try removing the bold from the client names. Also, the resource buttons on the right - it would look neat if they had icons in front of the text on the buttons. Try using font awesome icons.

Because mobile responsiveness is so important these days, it’s one of the first things I look at. Although I like your creativity in utilizing an animation effect, the header and the balls may need an adjustment because on smaller devices this section is not optimal.

Hi, the page looks good in the desktop :smile: . But, in my cell phone the footer is placed out line (misaligned).

I think that the problem is not using bootstrap “mobile first” idea:

Also, this code:

Equals to:

`` And i think that code is not following the guidelines of the grid system:
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