My Tribute Pagee

Don’t be shy to criticize , let me have it. I’m still new with this so please give me as much as complains and ideas as possible. I m coding blindly so i m sure there is tons of mistakes pls help.

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great work you have done a good job even if you are new you made it by your self and that’s great
this is how you learn
happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hi @junkyard !
Your code is pretty well done as a beginner. But you said

So I have some tips :grin:

  • Try adding backgrounds, your page looks very plain.
  • You can use google fonts, the default fonts aren't the best.
Everything else is good.
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Thanks, i appreciate it!!!

yeah i’ ll try that out now, thanks.

Congrats on finishing your first project.

There are a few errors in your html.
Run your code through the html validator.

Also it is best to have all of your css in the css section instead of inline or with style tags.
Separation of concerns :grinning:

I would move this

style="margin-left: 150px";

and this

   .fixed-image {
     margin-left: 150px;
       width: 500px;
   border-color: green;
     boder-width: 501px;
     .img-wording {
       margin-left: 180px;

to the css section.

thanks for checking my sorry excuse for a webpage lol, btw i tried the validator and got this message : “403 forbidden”.
Validation Results - W3C Markup Validator

Did you place your code in the direct input section?

Also make sure to copy and paste the code and not the url address.

yeah my bad, thank you “again” got 1 warning and 2 error messages , will deal with them now.

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