My Tribute Project Battlefield 1

Here is my Tribute Page, My Project

Took some time and I think I used more CSS than normal. Was overthinking it at first and finally came up with this. Any comments, suggestions are much appreciated.

Hey Mike! You did a great job…looks very good. Only thing really are suggestions to help out with readability… white text on black background is super rough on the eyes… Maybe try a very light gray, such as #C9C9C9 would still appear white-ish, but not as stark in contrast. And also, consider using a san-serif for content, that would help with readability too.

Other than that though, really looks good!

Oh, for your content, maybe in the overview, mention that your tribute is about a game…I don’t play these types of games, but I was in the Army so my first thought was that this was supposed to be about The War, but was generally confused cause it didnt make much sense… then I saw Single Player and figured it out lol Very cool though! You did a great job on your first project :smiley: